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July 4 Plymouth, Inc - PO Box 1776 - Plymouth, MA  02362


Each registered participant or group is allowed to have a maximum of 2 vehicles per parade entry.  If your organization would like to participate with additional vehicles you may be subject to an additional entry.  Groups with multiple entries are not guaranteed to be placed together in the parade lineup.  Parade lineup is at the discretion of the parade committee.


NO recorded or live broadcasting of political or commercial messages allowed.
NO distributing of leaflets, brochures, etc., of any kind is permitted.
NO use of alcoholic beverages allowed before or during the parade march.
Positions assigned in the parade order may not be changed.
Any parade participant wishing to distribute candy, must do so BY HAND ONLY!
Safety regulations prohibit throwing any items to spectators.
All commercial vehicles entered in the parade MUST be decorated.
The Parade’s CODE OF CONDUCT is intended to help the Parade achieve its stated purpose, and to ensure a safe, secure and positive experience for Parade participants. As a non-profit community leader, July Fourth Plymouth Inc. is committed to being a responsible, caring partner within the Community.  We uphold our reputation and image by observing the highest standards of legal and ethical conduct in our Fourth of July festivities.

By completing the application, and upon receipt of this packet, you agree to:

Behave courteously towards each other and the diverse community represented by Plymouth and its surrounding towns. Entrants will conduct themselves with dignity and respect.

Refrain from language or behavior which could reasonably be perceived as threatening, abusive, insulting, or lewd.

Follow the instructions of Parade staff, volunteers and supporting Town Agencies and officials (e.g. PPD, PFD), from assembly to dispersal.

Refrain from using the Parade as a platform to promote any agenda (Including using slogans, displaying signage or distributing literature supporting or opposing any specific governmental policy, political party, candidate, or elected official that could be reasonably considered demeaning, discriminatory or harassing behavior or speech deemed inappropriate).

Any violation deemed in opposition to the CODE OF CONDUCT and the spirit of the CODE OF CONDUCT during the July Four Plymouth Inc. Parade or July Four Plymouth Inc. activities will result in the participant being removed immediately from the activity/activities and banned from future participation in July Four Plymouth Inc. activity/activities.


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